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We help find the facts in medical data!

ReportMate is an artificially intelligent (AI) platform that transforms medical file processing. We help  our clients easily find facts so their patients can get better outcomes, faster.

OCR & Smart Tagging Technology

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, ReportMate is able to help comprehend what is contained within each document. Want to find all of the imaging reports in a file? Done.

Every part of your document is converted to a searchable format. This allows you to employ our advanced search features, identify key entries, and easily transfer texts into the body of your report.

Data & File Management 

 Chronologically sort files to create a timeline of events - including date of injury. ReportMate's classification systems allows you to analyze documents page-by-page and allows you to truly understand what is contained within each page of the document.

Duplicate File Entry Identification & Elimination

Case files can be unmanageable and unorganized. ReportMate will identify multiple entry files you don't need to spend time reviewing and suggests where you should actually spend your time. 

Report Writing & Templates

Save sections of documents for notes and tags, and write the final report for your case with the ability to insert notes and other key information. Finish a final report using pre-populated templates.

Our Solution

Currently, the way doctors, medical experts, insurance companies, and lawyers organize and process medical files for insurance claim resolution is broken. Our solution uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the organization, management, and synthesis of medical data for file review. By doing so, we empower the entire value chain to gain insight into the contents of their medical records and deliver more efficient and effective services to patients.

ReportMate is powered by proprietary software that:

Utilizes natural language processing to automate the organization and categorization of records.

Employs advanced optical character recognition for instant search of physical documents

Uses artificial intelligence to extract hard to find key data from complex medical files.


How Can We Help?


Increase Accuracy

Our users are much less likely to miss things in a file.


Improve Efficiency

Today, ReportMate is able to save 40% claim review time for its users.*

*Based on early beta results.

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More Security

Securely transfer medical documents amongst teams and clients

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Predictive Analytics

Highlights key information (such as claim complexity, pertinent diagnosis, estimate settlement costs and reserve ranges) 


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